Maintenance and Avionics

Maintenance and Avionics

We are known in the executive air charter industry as Lear Jet, Citation, Astra, Saber, Falcon, Gulfstream and Boeing BBJ B737-700 aircraft experts and specialists.

Our hangar facilities provide over 22,000 square feet of space for our FAA approved repair station, as well as our avionics shop and parts depot.

Aircraft Maintenance Services

We know what it takes to maintain an aircraft. After all, we’re owners and operators ourselves.

This intimate knowledge has allowed us to compile a repertoire of services that is rarely found under one roof.

  • 12,000 hour inspection
  • 7,200 hours/12 year inspections
  • 20,000 hour (flight control) time change
  • CJ610 engine-hot section inspection
  • GPS/FMS installation
  • Class 1-2-3 avionics/radio shop in-house

Avionics Technicians

From our 22,000 square foot hangar facility houses our avionics technicians—experts in their industry. Our capabilities include:

  • Class 1-2-3 radio rating
  • Bench repair of COMM, NAV, DME, ATC, ADF, HF, radar audio panels, COMM and NAV controls
  • Line troubleshooting and repair on Learjet, Citation, Falcon, Westwind, Astra, Hawkers, Sabreliners, Challengers, G110 and G200.
  • Electrical and mechanical CAD drafting to ATA-100 specifications
  • STC or DER approvals for all major repairs and alterations
  • Pitot and static systems testing and repair
  • GPS navigation upgrades
  • Installation of Allied SignalAirsat 1 Satellite Telephone Systems
  • 33 kHz channel spacing for VHF communication
  • TCAD and TCAS systems
  • Moving map systems
  • Passenger convenience systems installation
  • Wind shear/turbulence detection and avoidance systems