Maintenance and Avionics

Maintenance and Avionics

National Jets Aircraft Maintenance & Avionics Repair is a certificated FAA part 145 Repair Station (JKIR235M) and is a firm solution for your aircraft maintenance needs. With personable, factory trained technicians and accessible management staff, we have offered cost effective maintenance solutions at FLL Airport in our 22,000 Sq. ft hangar facility since 1982.

With an aircraft consisting of several hundred-thousand individual parts, maintenance issues can occur at any time. National Jets partners with its customers to design personalized programs to keep these elaborate pieces of machinery in the best operating condition. Through employing industry best practices and complying with FAA requirements, National Jets provides a holistic product you can trust.

Time lost due to an aircraft being unavailable is expensive both in monetary terms and in the trust of the passenger. Through ensuring the safe, punctual and cost-effective flight operations of an aircraft, National Jets is equipped to provide routine checks or all the way up to heavy overhaul work as needed.

The essential difference between routine maintenance and overhaul is that a maintenance check is short enough to allow the aircraft to remain available for scheduled service, whereas an overhaul is much more extensive and involves taking the aircraft out of service temporarily.

Supporting maintenance programs from manufacturers like Bombardier, Boeing BBJ’s, Cessna, Embraer and Gulfstream just to name a few, National Jets provides the following services.

Our Aircraft Maintenance Services Include:
  • Aircraft Maintenance Management
  • Cost Effective Maintenance Support
  • Repairs and Modifications
  • 300, 600, 1,200, 2,400- and 12,000-hour inspection
  • 7,200 hours/12-year inspections
  • 20,000-hour (flight control) time change
  • GPS/FMS installation
  • Class 1-2-3 avionics/radio shop in-house
  • Turn-around Maintenance & flight squawks
  • On call and Scheduled Maintenance
Our Avionics Capabilities Include:
  • Class 1-2-3 radio rating
  • Line troubleshooting and repair
  • Electrical and mechanical CAD drafting to ATA-100 specifications
  • STC or DER approvals for all major repairs and alterations
  • Pitot and static systems testing, repair, certification and re-certification
  • GPS navigation upgrades
  • 8.33 kHz channel spacing for VHF communication
  • TCAD and TCAS systems
  • Passenger convenience systems installation
  • Required tools and test fixtures for systems testing
  • RVSM inspection, testing and re-certification
  • 406 MHz ELT testing, repair and re-certification

When you are in FLL and need maintenance for your aircraft, Call us at 1-800-525-0166 ext. 5. We are here to serve you!