The FAA as a Part 135 Commercial Air Carrier (License # JKIA235F)
The FAA as an Aircraft Maintenance Repair Facility (License # JKIR235M)
The United States Department of Transportation
The United States Department of Treasury
The State of Florida - HRS

ARG/US GoldSafety Rating

National Jets Inc is pleased to state that we are Safety Rated "Gold" by ARG/US. This is one of the highest ratings a Part 135 Air Carrier can receive. ARG/US is also one of the most widely recognized US air safety auditing organizations.

Safety Award

In 2005 National received the AMS Safety Award for operating over 5,000 consecutive accident free flight operations.

Aircraft & Passenger Liability Insurance & Medical Malpractice Insurance

National carries a very high level of insurance coverage for our clients with $100 Million in Aircraft & Passenger Liability Insurance and $3 Million in Professional Medical Malpractice Insurance.

Training & Experience

Our Captains have thousands of flight hours, years of experience flying the Learjet 35A, are ground and flight trained by National Jets, attend simulator emergency training courses through SimCom Training Centers, and receive specialized training such as our winter operation courses.

National operates under the most stringent safety standards, conducting over 700 flights per year, making us a leader in our industry.


National Business Aviation Assoc.                European Aero-Medical Institute

National Air Transportation Assoc.             U.S. Travel Insurance Assoc.

Association of Air Medical Services             Travel Heath Insurance Assoc.

ARG/US Gold Member


National Jets Certificates

Air Carrier Certificate
Air Agency Certificate
National Business Aviation Association Membership
Air Ambulance Service License
Association of Air Medical Services Membership
National Air Ambulance EURAMI