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From Joseph Geason on National Jets (KFLL)

"Best service we have had. They went out of their way taking care of us booking hotel rides to and from. We were the smallest aircraft on the ramp (Tecnam Sierra). We will be back!"

From Cindy Limbach on National Jets (KFLL)

"Although our Cessna 205 was by far the smallest plane on the ramp, the line and desk people at National treated us like VIP's! They went out of their way to make sure we had everything we needed. Thanks National!"

From Steve Nott on National Jets (KFLL)

"Amazing service! We landed with 8 pax and lots of luggage. When Jake (line supervisor) overheard that we had some ground transportation issues he stepped in and asked how he could help. He then mustered 2 vans with drivers to take our pax and luggage to their respective destinations. From the first lineman that greeted us to the CSRs at the desk, this place goes way above and beyond the norm and they seem to delight in doing it.. To top it off, their contract fuel prices were the lowest we've paid in years. Great place! Thanks National!"

From Greg Burnett on National Jets (KFLL)

"An excellent facility and top-notch service. Our rental car was driven out to the plane and we were on our way in no time. We will be back!"

From Alan Sanderson on National Jets (KFLL)

"This is one of the friendliest and accommodating FBO's I've visited. It's worth going out of your way to visit this FBO. I can't say enough good about National Jets."

From Max Fulmer on National Jets (KFLL)

"Friendly staff, great service, this is why I fly." From Keith Parker on National Jets (KFLL) "Best service I have ever experienced at an FBO. Great contract fuel prices too. Over the last two days, National has earned my business when we travel to FLL."

From Jonathan Hanold on National Jets (KFLL)

"I have been to National Jets several times recently. Their service is quite possibly the best I have ever received. As a long timecorporate jet pilot that is saying something. It is not uncommon to have line personal do what I ask them to do. National Jets is completely proactive. Very refreshing. "Do you have any trash? Sir if you give me your coffee pot I will clean it out for you. Etc." As I was unloading passengers bags I had set the engine covers back by the tail of the airplane. The next thing I noticed a line tech, had them installed. That is a first. When I arrived at the airplane for departure they followed me out with coffee, ice, and papers. I didn't have to ask for anything. What they do is not difficult... Makes me wonder why all FBO's don't operate as well as National Jets"